Novie Trump
Hidden Costs
10 x 12 x 24 (variable)
Hidden Cost explores the dependence we have on fossil fuels to manufacture and power most of our modern conveniences and creature comforts, while we ignore the devastating effects of drilling for that oil on wildlife populations and their habitats.
During the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, as millions of gallons of oil continued to pour into the ocean over a period of 70 days, images scrolled across every television screen of the damage being done to the ocean and the wildlife within it. The damage was so vast and far -reaching as to be virtually incomprehensible.
Despite the horror that many felt at the time, the focus has now shifted from environmental matters to growing concerns over the rising price of oil and the effect it has on car fuel prices. Most don’t realize the scope of the petroleum industry: virtually everything we touch in our daily lives is made with petroleum or is indelibly tied to petroleum in some way.
This installation juxtaposes the effects of environmental damage done by oil drilling with a visual reminder of the everyday consumables fueled by petroleum, illustrating the hidden costs of our consumption of goods.
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